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Yes, we know - you want to take KXCD on the road with you. Well, we can't afford a mobile app but we have designed a station you can listen to on your mobile device. Now on Pandora, listen to "Christian Music That Rocks," a station we carefully modeled after KXCD. Click here for our custom Pandora Station and favorite-it so you can listen anywhere!

What is KXCD? It's Christian music that rocks! We play a huge selection of Christian music from the past 15 years. Rock, pop, dance, electronica, worship, metal... you name it and you'll probably hear it on KXCD. And, we don't play a bunch of bands you've never heard of... well unless you have never heard of Christian rock before. It's good stuff. But don't take our word for it. Tune in and judge for yourself.

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KXCD is totally and completely commercial free 24/7. Now you have no reason to ever tune out. Except maybe to sleep; you can eat at the computer.

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